27 Jul 2011

Young men more susceptible to contracting rubella in Fiji

3:57 pm on 27 July 2011

There's concern that young men in Fiji are at risk of contracting Rubella with three cases confirmed in the capital, and around 15 more suspected.

The Ministry of Health believes the infection could have been brought into the country or picked up in a clinical setting.

The national advisor for communicable disease, Dr Mike Kama, says they're isolating the cases and have alerted the public to the symptoms.

"Two males and a female age range from 20 to 24 in the greater Suva area. We have about 10 more 15 more suspected cases that will probably undergo testing today."

He says there are some demographic groups who are more susceptible, as systematic immunisation for rubella was only available to females before 2004.

He says they're targetting males in the 15 to 24 age range to now get shots.