27 Jul 2011

Fiji Provident Fund promises substantive response to any proper suit on human rights case

3:56 pm on 27 July 2011

The lawyer for Fiji's National Provident Fund says once proceedings have been filed properly against it in a human rights case, it will respond with a substantive case.

The FNPF and the interim Attorney General are being taken to court by David Burness, who says proposed changes to the pension, including drastic cuts, are discriminatory.

Justice Pradeep Hettiarachchi said Mr Burness had not provided enough evidence to support the application, and declined to uphold an injunction.

The FNPF's lawyer, Devanesh Sharma, says there are certain ways to commence legal proceedings, and this case doesn't seem to come under them.

"If you don't have correct proceedings in court, then it is not worth responding to it. Once you get your house in order, then of course we will respond with whatever affadavits or pleadings that we are required to do. If the proceedings are filed properly, and we feel that there is no abuse of process in terms of the proceedings itself, we will of course definitely address the substantive issues then.'"

The case will again be heard on August 30th, to give Mr Burness time to provide the court with more material to support his application.