27 Jul 2011

Solomon Islands group says some parents aware daughters involved in prostitution

11:25 am on 27 July 2011

The head of the Solomon Islands National Council of Women says some parents are aware that their teenage daughters are involved in offering sex for money.

Government ministries and NGO's involved in promoting safe sex believe teenage prostitution is on the rise as a result of poor economic conditions.

It's one of the reasons they believe the nation has been ranked as one of the top countries in the region where teenagers are infected with sexually transmitted infections.

The president of the Solomon Islands National Council of Women, Jenny Tuhaika, says some parents know what their daughters are doing.

"Unfortunately they do and some they do encourage them to do that. We try to talk to mothers about it and what they're saying is that if it's supporting them financially to give their ends meat... so unfortunately that's the scenario."

Jenny Tuhaika says the high rate of youth unemployment is a huge factor.