21 Jul 2011

Fiji union leader rejects government criticism says his members back him

1:53 pm on 21 July 2011

The head of Fiji's Public Service Association says he believes he has the confidence of his members.

The Ministry of Information permanent secretary, Sharon Smith-Johns, says civil servants have expressed concern at the conduct of Rajeshwar Singh.

Mr Singh has been in New Zealand, with other Fiji trade unionists requesting the support of New Zealand and Australia to fight against alleged violence and harassment by Fiji's regime.

He says just last month, the secretariat was given a mandate at the union's AGM.

"Sharon Smith-Johns, first of all, must find out the facts. I know she has been in the country for a cushy job. She should find out what the FPSA constitution says. We really want to know who are these disgruntled civil servants, tell us the names, we're really interested to meet these people, who haven't had a payrise for 5 years, have been taken out of the labour legislation."

Rajeshwar Singh, the general secretary of Fiji's Public Service Association.