20 Jul 2011

PNG's Abal lashes out at Post-Courier

7:43 am on 20 July 2011

The Papua New Guinea government has accused the Post-Courier newspaper of publishing and sensationalising news which has undermined the integrity of the leaders and the government.

The acting prime minister, Sam Abal, made the comment while revealing that the government was watching the unfolding events involving Rupert Murdoch's media interests which includes the Post Courier.

Speaking to the newspaper, The National, Mr Abal said while the Post-Courier was a meager part of the Murdoch media empire, what was happening in the Britain as a result of phone tapping was also a cause for concern for his government.

He says he has been observing too the appalling conduct of journalists in manufacturing stories and demonstrating clear leanings towards determining poitical outcomes in the country.

He alleges that their reporting has been lacking objectivity, fairness, balance and responsibility to a point where the behaviour of the paper seems akin to the behaviour and editorial attitude of the overseas tabloid.