19 Jul 2011

Tahiti opposition welcomes French stance against UN reinscription

1:34 pm on 19 July 2011

French Polynesia's opposition To Tatou Aia has welcomed the French president's comments on Tahitian affairs, which it says shows his interest in local matters.

The party says it welcomes Nicolas Sarkozy's opposition to the decolonisation efforts by the government of Oscar Temaru, saying the president has brushed the issue aside as it seems to him to be outside the Polynesians' daily considerations.

The To Tatou Aia says it and France's ruling UMP Party are partners on which the people can rely for the future.

It adds that with the UMP and Mr Sarkozy, the territory will be on a path of guaranteed development - and far removed from the ideological delusions of other French parties that support the incoherent dreams of leaders facing their failures.