18 Jul 2011

New Vanuatu trade office in HK makes sales pitch to China firms

3:11 pm on 18 July 2011

Vanuatu's new trade office in Hong Kong is promising a cheap and speedy service for offshore companies wanting to register in Vanuatu.

The office opened last week targeting parties from mainland China and Hong Kong.

The Chief Executive of Vanuatu International Companies, Timothy Cheung, has told Hong Kong media it would only take half a day for a company to register through his agency

He said costs would be much cheaper than the going rate.

According to the reports, a Vanuatu government advisor Richard Kaltongga says his country wanted to gain from China's rise and was hoping to attract up to 6,000 offshore registered companies from China by next year.

Vanuatu has registered more than 40,000 foreign enterprises, mainly from Australia and New Zealand.