18 Jul 2011

Ambassador believes Vanuatu's One China policy will stay

3:09 pm on 18 July 2011

China's ambassador to Vanuatu, Cheng Shuping, says he expects the government in Port Vila will remain loyal to the One China Policy.

This is despite comments last Friday by Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot that his country is ready to forge diplomatic links with Taiwan.

Mr Cheng says he is seeking clarification about the comments.

"And I will contact with Vanuatu's government to see if it is true. But personally I do think it will be the minister himself his personal view. Vanuatu's government insists on One-China policy for many years and I don't think they will change it."

Cheng Shuping says China will oppose any Vanuatu Minister going to Taiwan, in response to Mr Carlot's comment that he is planning on travelling to Taipei to set up a trade office.