18 Jul 2011

Samoa village mayor refuses to endorse by-election candidate

7:45 am on 18 July 2011

Samoa's Electoral office has accepted the endorsement of a by-election candidate by a government representative for the village of Falefa in the constituency of Anoama'a East.

The pulenuu or village mayor refused to sign the candidacy form for the Tautua Samoa party candidate, Ala'iasa Elena.

She is the only female candidate for four by-elections to be held next week after the seats for Aleipata Itupa i luga, Satupaitea, Vaisigano number one, and Anoama'a East constituencies were declared void.

The Electoral Commissioner, Tanuvasa Isitolo Lemisio, says the reason behind the village mayor's refusal was provided before his office accepted the government's village representative's signature.

Tanuvasa did not disclose the reasons however his office has announced that fifteen candidates have been registered for the by-elections at the closing of nominations last Friday.