18 Jul 2011

Young people in Guam focussed on issue of self-determination

8:43 am on 18 July 2011

The executive director of Guam's Humanities Council says there's a growing awareness among young people about the issue of self-determination.

Dr Kimberlee Kihleng's comment comes as Guam's Government drives an education campaign to prepare people for a potential plebiscite on self-determination in the US territory.

The council's programmes promote the importance of Guam's indigenous culture and facilitate dialogue about major issues on Guam.

Dr Kihleng says that because of ongoing changes like the impending US military build-up, young Chamorros people are clearly focussed on their right to self-determination

"It's interest but it's also awareness because of the build-up. And there are several forums that the legislature did. People really got up there and talked about the build-up and what it's going to mean and I think there's a lot of education with young people. Not so much in the schools but with some of the community activists. So you really see a lot more young people interested in those kind of issues."