18 Jul 2011

Plans to boost noni juice exports to benefit economy and rural development in Pacific

5:59 am on 18 July 2011

Plans to boost exports of noni juice from the Pacific to China are expected to advance economic growth and rural development in Niue, Samoa and Cook Islands.

A New Zealand Delegation of Chinese business people has visited the three island nations to scope out opportunities to export larger quantities of noni juice to China.

The Group Manager for Pure Pasifika Limited, a subsidiary of the Reef Group, says it began exporting noni from Niue to China two years ago and plans are in place to send shipments from Samoa and Cook Islands.

Michael Jones says demand for the juice has grown significantly, and says noni growers can expect to benefit considerably.

"It's been important to be able to pay a very good price for the noni right at the grassroots level in the villages and the rural communities. And we see this as an important part of rural development and the local economy capapbility to just have that revenue flowing through. And hence why the governments have been very supportive. It's very much part of the government plans of Samoa and Niue."

Michael Jones says the first exports of noni juice from Samoa to China will take place in September.