14 Jul 2011

Calls for a probe into American Samoa's power company

10:40 am on 14 July 2011

Calls have been made in both the House and Senate for a probe into the operations of the American Samoa Power Authority.

Senator Mauga Tasi Asuega referred to an outage in the western district on Tuesday night and said the outages are becoming more regular.

ASPA recently commissioned a temporary power generating system to replace the generators on loan from Aggrekko which have supplemented the Tafuna power plant since the older plant at Satala was demolished in the 2009 earthquake and tsunami.

In the House of Representatives, Representative Puleleiite Tufele Junior, said no one is happy with ASPA's high rates which have raised the cost of living even higher.

The speaker has suggested that hearings with ASPA be scheduled when the Fono resumes August 8th.