12 Jul 2011

Last female Marianas crow on Guam dies

2:23 pm on 12 July 2011

The last female Marianas crow on Guam has died leaving just two males from the species on the island.

The Marianas crow, or Aga in Chamorro, is found only on Guam and the Northern Marianas island of Rota.

The last female, called Mochong, was about 12 years old and died of kidney failure.

A wildlife biologist at Guam's Department of Agriculture, Cheryl Calaustro, says it's a major blow to their conservation efforts.

"This is very sad for us, because [it's] one of the species we've been trying very hard to get back on Guam, it's like it's a losing battle for us. As you know, in Guam, it's quite unfortunate that we do have the brown tree snake, which has been the root of many of Guam's extinctions."

Cheryl Calaustro says they're looking at bringing in female crows from Rota.