12 Jul 2011

Experts keep close watch on Vanuatu's Ambae volcano

3:04 pm on 12 July 2011

Geohazard experts in Vanuatu have set up extra monitoring equipment around the increasingly active Ambae volcano.

A geohazard technical advisor with the Vanuatu government Sylvain Todman says nearby villagers are worried about the volcano's increasing explosions and ash falls.

He says a team's been dispatched to keep an eye on the volcano over the next week and seismic sensors have been set up on the east and west of the island.

"It's one of the most dangerous volcanoes on Vanuatu and there are many people around this volcano and the activity could increase very fast so we need to be as close as possible to notice any change in the activity."

Sylvain Todman says the volcano's level of activity may be upgraded from level one to level two which means people living within a five kilometre radius would have to move.