11 Jul 2011

Further call to make Papua more peaceful

1:32 pm on 11 July 2011

There's been another call by West Papuans for dialogue with Indonesia's government towards making the Papua region peaceful.

The call came from the more than 500 participants at the Papua Land of Peace Conference at Jayapura's Cenderawasih University.

They included religious and customary groups, women, youth, academics, students and resistance groups from throughout Papua region.

Among those speaking at the conference were Indonesia's Minister-Coordinator for Politics and Law, the Governor of Papua province, Papua's Chief of Police and the local military commander.

One of the five Papuans nominated to a negotiating team for the dialogue is Rex Rumakiek.

"But still we have to wait for Jakarta to respond and whether they accept this proposal from the conference to go ahead. If this is the path that they want to take, then we can proceed from there. But peaceful negotiation is the only way to go. I think we have been generous to offer Indonesia a win-win solution. This is the clearest message. That they were willing to attend the conference, that is the only positive thing that ever happened."

Rex Rumakiek