11 Jul 2011

Police in PNG crack down on misbehaviour within force

10:30 am on 11 July 2011

Police in Papua New Guinea are following through on their commitment to get tough with undisciplined officers.

The deputy commissioner and chief of administration, Tom Kulunga, has revealed that ten staff have been dismissed in the first five months of this year, while another 12 were demoted and 13 fined.

Assaults and improper conduct were the most common offences.

In one case, Constable Simon Bernard lost his job after an internal police investigation found him guilty of three charges of assaulting his wife using various weapons.

The Police Commissioner, Tony Wagambie says as the rate of misconduct within the force has increased, he is pushing for tougher enforcement of the rules.

"We will investigate all allegations of police brutality, mistreatment, people who are corrupt and not doing their job properly. We have given directions to all our commanders to investigate all such claims and allegations and take the most appropriate action."

Tony Wagambie says Constable Simon Bernard is expected to face the courts once the Criminal Investigation Division completes its investigation.