7 Jul 2011

Australia's Rudd says findings in aid review will be implemented

6:48 am on 7 July 2011

The Australian foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, says his government will implement the findings of the Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness.

Mr Rudd called for the review last year and presents the findings in Canberra today.

He says it shows the aid programme is a good one, but Australia should do better.

Don Wiseman has more:

"Mr Rudd says the fundamental objective of Australian aid is to help people overcome poverty, but to be hard-nosed enough to do so in a manner supporting Australia's interests. He says the critical theme of both the review and of the Government's response is how to enhance the programme's effectiveness. And he says a key part of this is ensuring sustainable economic development, which will provide greater opportunities for all. Mr Rudd says they've already begun the changes by reducing the number of technical advisers by 25 per cent and cutting the remuneration of those that remain. He says there are also efforts to combat aid fraud, though he points out estimated losses last year were just 21 cents in every one thousand dollars spent. Mr Rudd says the government is also planning a Transparency Charter to provide more accessible information on how the aid funds are deployed and results they achieve."