6 Jul 2011

PNG police officer dismissed after abusing wife

1:23 pm on 6 July 2011

Papua New Guinea police have dismissed an officer, who had disappeared seven months ago, after brutally assaulting his wife.

Simon Bernard, who had been a constable in the police special services division, was found guilty of all three serious disciplinary charges against him.

He is still to face the criminal courts over the allegations but the police disciplinary team found he'd assaulted his wife using an axe, a hammer, pliers and a hot iron.

Police say he also tortured the woman causing her severe injuries.

A police spokesman says a decision was made to dismiss Bernard in January but this couldn't be formalised until he came out of hiding, which he did recently.

The newly appointed police commissioner, Anthony Wagambie, has said he's got zero tolerance for undisciplined, abusive, corrupt, unprofessional and non-performing police officers.