6 Jul 2011

US Ambassador designate stresses Fiji engagement

1:23 pm on 6 July 2011

The woman expected to take over as United States' Ambassador to Fiji has stressed the need for more direct engagement with Fiji's interim government.

The Senate is due to vote on Frankie Reed's nomination after she appeared before its Foreign Relations Committee.

Sally Round reports.

"Frankie Reed says if confirmed she'll continue to meet with all levels of Fiji government, civil society and other regional partners to push for early elections. Ms Reed is a career member of the United States Foreign Service, lately based in the US responsible for relations with Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island countries. Earlier she served as an observer to the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights and at US diplomatic missions in Guinea and Samoa. She says with others increasing their profile in the region, the US wants to ensure nothing gets in the way of close supportive cooperation with Fiji and the other countries the post covers - Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga and Tuvalu. The current ambassador Steven McGann is due to end his three-year term this month."