4 Jul 2011

Fiji's main hospital replaces cleaners with private contractors

7:08 pm on 4 July 2011

The chief executive of Suva's Colonial War Memorial hospital says only 65 cleaning staff at the hospital opted for voluntary redundancy.

He says cleaning staff were given the option of joining a private company that's taken over the cleaning of the hospital.

Since June 30, Major Ned Taito says 125 staff of the Health Housekeeping Services

Co-operative are now providing a service at the hospital, on a three year contract.

He says it is part of the interim government's effort to outsource non core roles to private companies to reduce the overall cost burden on the economy saving millions of dollars.

"At this moment, we are outsourcing cleaning services - Lautoka and Labasa started earlier in the year, and we have now started ours this month, or in the past month. And what we are hoping to do is to focus on our clinical roles, and allow private companies to deal with the non-core roles."

Major Ned Taito says the move follows the earlier outsourcing of security services at all major hospitals to a private firm.