4 Jul 2011

71 victims of human trafficking, labor fraud reported in CNMI

5:35 am on 4 July 2011

A newly released U.S. State Department report detailing human trafficking cites 71 victims of human trafficking or fraud in labor contracting in the CNMI in 2010.

Of the 71, about 20 percent were sex trafficking victims, based on data from the Federal Labor Ombudsman in the CNMI.

The "2011 Trafficking in Persons Report" says in the CNMI, there were six reported human trafficking cases involving multiple victims held in clubs, restaurants and massage parlors.

The State Department's report says in 2010, a non-government organization working on the CNMI anti-trafficking task force assisted 36 human trafficking victims.

An additional 31 victims qualified for services but could not be assisted due to insufficient funds.