4 Jul 2011

Samoa courts to hear Malietoa title challenges

6:55 am on 4 July 2011

In Samoa, challenges to the paramount chiefly title of Malietoa will be heard in the Lands and Titles court of appeal tomorrow.

Our correspondent in Samoa says some of the 14 applicants will argue that the holder of the title should be decided by all heirs of the Malietoa tile, including all of Samoa.

However, some of the parties are presenting cases for leave of appeal to the Land and Titles Court decision on the Malietoa Title 2008

Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia has more.

"The decision delivered by the Lands and Titles court in 2008 where the court has upheld again the ruling made by the same court back in 1939 in which only three factions of the paramount title Malietoa, are the only heirs to discuss and decide which one of them is going to bestowed with the paramount title."

The 18 June 2008 ruling also voided the Malietoa title bestowed on Fa'amausili Papalii Moli, the son of Samoa's late head of state.