30 Jun 2011

Solomons' deputy prime minister talks of life after RAMSI

7:02 pm on 30 June 2011

The Solomon Islands deputy prime minister, Manasseh Maelanga, says there need to be constructive talks to ensure that when the regional mission, RAMSI, leaves the Solomons' there are no gaps.

He was addressing the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Standing Committee on RAMSI, which is in Honiara for annual talks to assess the mission's progress after eight years in the Solomons.

Mr Maelanga told the ministers that despite the successes of RAMSI there are also challenges and a need for more resources to improve capacity and infrastructure.

He says that it's important when discussing the drawdown, that the role that other island countries can play is highlighted.

Mr Maelanga says one such area of interest to the Solomons' is the use many island countries are making of community policing.