30 Jun 2011

Fiji's Anthony in talks with NZ unions over latest curbs

3:08 pm on 30 June 2011

The national secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Felix Anthony, is in New Zealand for talks with unionists on how to respond to new curbs on workers' rights in Fiji.

Mr Anthony, a former MP, was aligned with the interim government following the coup in 2006, and had been on the list of coup supporters banned from entering New Zealand.

He says the ban on him entering New Zealand was lifted several weeks ago.

Mr Anthony says the Fiji trade union movement had sided with the regime when it took power in 2006 to ensure workers rights weren't undermined.

But he says they're disturbed by the regime's harder line since 2009.

"With the imposition of decrees that have substantially weakened unions in the public sector and government owned entities and the abrogation of the constitution. We have then seen the Decree Number 21 which was imposed just a few weeks ago where workers in the public sector have been totally disenfranchised of any rights at all, including the most fundamental rights."