29 Jun 2011

New Caledonia Rassemblement presents French Senate candidates

11:42 am on 29 June 2011

New Caledonia's Rassemblement-UMP has nominated its two candidates for the French senate election on September the 25th when the territory will for the first time elect two senators as the size of the French upper house is being increased to 348.

According to Noumea's daily paper, the UMP-backed candidates will be Pierre Frogier and Hilarion Vendegou, who is the mayor of the Isle of Pines.

Mr Frogier is a long-term member of the French assembly and the president of the assembly of the southern province.

The two senators will be chosen by an electoral body made up of the municipal delegates, the members of the three provincial assemblies and the two members of the French National Assembly.

Observers suggest the two are likely to be the successful candidates.

The senators are elected for a six-year term.