29 Jun 2011

Air New Zealand helps Air Tahiti Nui deal with strike

6:21 am on 29 June 2011

Air Tahiti Nui has chartered an Air New Zealand Boeing 747 to help it cope with an indefinite strike launched by some of its crews late last night.

Air New Zealand says the jumbo jet is operated by its staff but has declined to say for how long it will be in Air Tahiti Nui's service.

The French Polynesian carrier says today's flight from Papeete to Los Angeles may have to be delayed because of the strike.

The airline's management says a strike at the start of the peak travel season is irresponsible, given that this comes amid a disciplinary procedure against two staff members involved in a brawl with an American Airlines employee in a Japanese hotel.

Air Tahiti Nui says the incident has prompted the hotel to no longer provide accommodation to two of its staff.

Two days ago, a Los Angeles-bound flight from Tahiti was brought forward to beat the looming strike.

Two more airline unions have threatened to join the strike later this week.