27 Jun 2011

Vanuatu PM's vote tally removes some uncertainty says analyst

4:39 pm on 27 June 2011

It's being suggested that the margin by which Vanuatu's new Prime Minister won the weekend's parliamentary election will bring some stability to the political landscape.

Sato Kilman won 29 of the 52 assembly votes, beating his rival candidate Serge Vohor by six.

It's the third time Mr Kilman has taken the Prime Ministership in just over six months, a period marked by votes of no confidence and constitutional challenges.

The executive director of the Pacific Institute of Public Policy, Derek Brien, says the shape of the victory may enable Mr Kilman to concentrate more on governing than trying to juggle numbers in Parliament.

"The fact that Sato Kilman managed to secure an additional two MPs from the numbers that were being talked about in the days preceding has probably taken a little bit of the uncertainty out of the equation at least in the short term."

However Derek Brien says it's become very clear that the system of parliamentary democracy in Vanuatu must be reviewed.