24 Jun 2011

Vanuatu government considers asking for dissolution of parliament

10:45 am on 24 June 2011

Vanuatu's interim Prime Minister Edward Natapei says his government is considering asking the President to dissolve parliament and make way for fresh general elections.

This comes after the parliamentary vote to elect a new Prime Minister was adjourned until Sunday after the Natapei government boycotted yesterday's planned sitting.

The boycott, which ensured there was no quorum, came after the emergence of bribery allegations linked with the opposition led by Sato Kilman.

Following the recent series of quick government changes and legal challenges over prime ministerial elections, Mr Natapei says another hung parliament is a possibility.

"So if that is the case, then we would have to ask the President of the Republic of Vanuatu to consider seriously dissolving the parliament so that people can go and elect members of parliament who they can rely on to fairly represent them and do a good job as members of parliament for the Republic of Vanuatu."

Edward Natapei