23 Jun 2011

Call to probe American Samoa Port's drugs situation

1:31 pm on 23 June 2011

Several disgruntled employees of the American Samoan Port Administration who were recently fired from their jobs have written to the Public Safety Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean for a probe on the fairness of the Port's drug testing policy.

The employees were sacked after failing drug tests as required by federal maritime rules.

They said in their letter that they will not sign their names for fear of repercussions on family members working in government.

They claim that other Port workers have tested positive for drugs but are still employed by the government.

They allege the reason why these employees have not been dismissed, including a senior Port official, is because they may speak up against the crooked things happening at Port.

The disgruntled employees named three Port workers they claim are still working at Port but have failed drug tests in the past.