15 Jun 2011

FBI: Father not responsible for disappearance of CNMI girls

3:12 pm on 15 June 2011

FBI investigations into the disappearance of two sisters in the Northern Mariana Islands have found their father's not responsible.

Maleina and Faloma Luhk, aged nine and 10, went missing exactly three weeks ago near a bus stop in As Teo, sparking the biggest missing persons search in CNMI history.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has now interviewed Ruhtik Luhk, a former Saipan police officer, on Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia.

The FBI says it's comfortable the girls are not on Pohnpei and their father didn't cause their disappearance.

Local businesses have joined the FBI to bring the amount of cash being offered in reward for information leading to the girls' discovery to a total of 23-and-a-half thousand US dollars.

Pacific Amusement' s now offering 10-thousand dollars in addition to the 10-thousand being offered by the FBI.

IT and E and NMI Crimestoppers are both offering a thousand dollars, Sorensen Media Group is offering another thousand and the Saipan City Taxi Association's offering five-hundred dollars.