15 Jun 2011

Mara suggests coalition of NZ and Australia pro-democracy groups

11:00 am on 15 June 2011

The escaped Fiji military officer Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara says New Zealand and Australia-based Fiji pro-democracy groups should band together to fight against Fiji's regime.

Colonel Mara is in Australia for the next two weeks meeting with activists around the country.

He fled from Fiji to Tonga last month after being charged with sedition.

Colonel Mara says he'll talk with Australian groups about forming a coalition which might involve New Zealand campaigners.

"A united front gives us a stronger voice rather than doing it individually. Looking at it from my perspective, it's not a bad idea if you get all of them together."

Colonel Mara is planning to visit New Zealand at the end of the month.