15 Jun 2011

Vanuatu NGO believes teachers don't take jobs seriously

11:01 am on 15 June 2011

A spokesman for VANGO, the umbrella group for Vanuatu's NGOs, believes many teachers do not take their jobs seriously.

Herem Albert's comments follow the suspension of six teachers for being late for work, after school inspectors reported them to the Minister of Education.

Mr Albert, who has a background in education, says while performance appraisals are carried out, he believes teachers should be monitored more regularly to ensure they are meeting the required standards.

"I think that is being done very slow. And at the moment teachers just have to do their best with what the administrators think, and work on their duties and responsibilities that school administrators have to do. From the national, we've still not come up with a standard where it is widely spread and we have a centralised management system for the teachers' performance."

Herem Albert says he believes there are more teachers who are getting away with being late for work and hopes they too will be reported to the government.