15 Jun 2011

Vanuatu's Natapei will only stay on as caretaker PM if court rules in his favour

6:56 am on 15 June 2011

Vanuatu's opposition leader, Edward Natapei, says he will only stay on as caretaker prime minister until the next prime ministerial election if the Supreme Court today restores him as the head of government.

Mr Natapei has challenged last Decembers parliamentary move to choose Sato Kilman as prime minister after being ousted in a vote of no confidence.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The Supreme Court is today due to give its verdict on the constitutionality of bestowing the prime ministership on Mr Kilman without holding a vote by secret ballot. Mr Natapei says he accepts he was voted out but says a ruling in his favour still means that a new prime minister has to be elected. He says he would maintain his co-operation agreement with Serge Vohor and stand aside as candidate for the prime ministership, with an election still possible this month. Mr Natapei says he is also seeking legal advice on whether to pursue some MPs for perjury after they testified that a vote had taken place to choose Mr Kilman."