14 Jun 2011

Fugitive Fiji former military officer planning to visit NZ at end of month

6:38 pm on 14 June 2011

The former Fiji military officer Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara is planning to visit New Zealand at the end of the month.

Colonel Mara says he holds a six-month visa to stay in Australia and plans to travel around meeting pro-democracy groups in different cities to promote the idea of a consolidated front to fight for democracy in Fiji.

In New Zealand, Colonel Mara plans to address the opening session of an Auckland-based fledgling pro-democracy group, the Free Fiji Movement.

The new group's been set up by a former minister in Fiji's 2006 government, Rajesh Singh.

Another Auckland-based group the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji has criticised the New Zealand government for allowing Colonel Mara to visit.