14 Jun 2011

CNMI missing girls case classed abduction

1:02 pm on 14 June 2011

The FBI is classifying the case of two sisters who went missing almost three weeks ago in the Northern Mariana Islands as abduction.

Faloma and Maleina Luhk, aged 9 and 10 respectively, were reportedly last seen near a bus stop in As Teo on May the 25th and the search for them is continuing.

An FBI special agent, Tom Simon, says it's not known what happened to the Kagman Elementary School students but in order for the FBI to get involved it is necessary to assume that they've been abducted.

A tracker dog from Hawaii Civil Defence Agency is expected to join the FBI and CNMI teams in the search either tomorrow or the next day.

A fourth day of scouring almost eight-and-a-half thousand cubic metres at Marpi landfill ended yesterday with no trace of evidence or clues to the girls' disappearance.