13 Jun 2011

Guam schools perfectly pitched for solar says manufacturer

8:02 am on 13 June 2011

The manufacturer of a photovoltaic installation expected to save a Guam vocational college thousands of dollars in power bills says the territory's schools are ideally suited for solar power.

The half a million dollar arrays installed at Guam Community College make it the territory's biggest civilian producer of renewable energy.

The owner of the company responsible for the installation says Guams's position on the earth gives it about five full hours of sunlight every day.

Bill Hagen says other schools could take advantage of that.

"If our schools, which are only open 180 days a year, if our schools, which all have flat or slightly pitched concrete roofs, put solar arrays on their roof they would be producing more power than they consume every year. But of course they don't have the money to put the arrays in place. So they keep paying several million dollars a month in power bills."

Bill Hagen says he's hoping the government will come up with a guaranteed loans scheme to make solar power more affordable.