10 Jun 2011

Four years left for Solomons to meet MDG goals

1:50 pm on 10 June 2011

A United Nations representative says there are only four years left for Solomon Islands to achieve its millennium development goals and it's working with the government to speed up progress.

UNDP resident representative Knut Ostby says a report on the goals shows good progress has been made on maternal and child mortality, and primary school enrolments.

But he says challenges remain on gender equality and the eradication of poverty.

He says the UNDP is working with the government on programmes to accelerate progress

"There are positive signs on economic growth and I think it's important that the policies related to economic growth take into account that this should be with jobs. It is also important to address the gender equality issue. When women can be in the mainstream of the economy, we believe this very much accelerates the achievement of the MDGs."

Knut Ostby says the report has also found challenges on environmental sustainability, with reduced forest cover and access to good sanitation.