10 Jun 2011

Solomons opposition calls on PM to control his cabinet

8:54 am on 10 June 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition claims the Prime Minister's lack of control of his cabinet could affect the government's ability to achieve development goals.

A report just released on the country's United Nations millennium development goals has found mixed progress.

Opposition leader Derek Sikua says while the efforts of donor partners are well aligned to the goals, the current government's policies are just broad policy statements.

Dr Sikua says the Prime Minister Danny Philip is also being thwarted by the actions of his ministers

"There are instances where I can see the Prime Minister says one thing and then the Minister is doing what is not the Prime Minister's intentions. So that is why I made a call for him to have some control over his cabinet ministers."

Derek Sikua says the government does not seem to have allocated money to a fee-free policy for students which would support the goal of achieving universal primary education.