10 Jun 2011

New Caledonia to elect new collegial government

4:38 am on 10 June 2011

New Caledonia's Congress is today due to elect a new collegial government.

It will be the fourth election this year after the Caledonia Together Party brought down the government three times in four weeks.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The leader of the Caledonia Together Party has warned that it may again resign if the distribution of portfolios fails to reflect its strength in the legislature. Philippe Gomes says there has been no end to the crisis triggered by an unresolved dispute over which flag the territory should choose in its decolonisation process. France has been scarmbling to change the electoral law to give any new government an 18-month grace period in a bid to stop serial resignations which are still possible if a single minister resigns. The new law is still several weeks away, giving the Caledonia Together Party the option to prompt a fifth government collapse this year."