9 Jun 2011

Samoa Water Authority begins rationing water

6:19 pm on 9 June 2011

The Samoa Water Authority has begun rationing water in the Aleipata district on Upolu as the lack of rain is causing shortages.

The country has been experiencing low rainfall since the cyclone season ended in April and water tankers are being used to supply water to the most needy villages.

The National Disaster Management Office Principal, Filomena Nelson, says the Water Authority began rationing water on Wednesday.

She says the families affected by the 2009 tsunami are coping, as they have the use of water tanks given to them at the time of the disaster.

"While for others who were not affected but moved inland because of fear of this tsunami, those were the families who did not receive such assistance because they were not entitled to it."

Filomena Nelson says forecasters have warned the dry weather could continue until August.