8 Jun 2011

Fiji amputees being fitted with artificial limbs by Indian NGO

6:37 pm on 8 June 2011

The Health Ministry in Fiji says 300 amputees will be the first to receive technologically-advanced prosthetic limbs that will enable them to be productive members of society.

The Ministry says a team from the non-government organisation, Jaipur Foot has arrived in Fiji to make the artificial limbs, which it says are more advanced than most produced in western countries.

They will also train local technicians so they can produce more of the prostheses in the future.

The Health Ministry's spokesperson Peni Namotu says the amputees chosen for the first batch have not previously received artificial limbs as they live in remote areas, and the limbs will enable them to do more

"They can enable the amputees to climb on trees, they can sit with folded legs, they can walk on bumpy surface and also for these ones they can go on bare foot. So these are some of the advantages of the prostheses that has been provided by the Jaipur organisation."

Fiji Health Ministry spokesperson Peni Namotu