8 Jun 2011

After cyclones, Vanuatu's Tanna now struggles with rain

6:28 pm on 8 June 2011

The island of Tanna in Vanuatu, which suffered severe damage in cyclones earlier this year, is now struggling with the impact of heavy rain.

The chairman of the disaster committee for Tafea province, David Tovurvur, says the people are still in the recovery stage following the cyclones but about 400 people have been badly affected by heavy rain over the past month.

He says rain around Middle Bush has caused flooding, severely damaging crops, the environment and the community's health.

Mr Tovurvur says roads are damaged and crops such as taro, bananas, and kava are rotting.

Coffee plantations are also affected.

Mr Tovurvur says it'll be years before commercial crops can be restored.