8 Jun 2011

CNMI survey to gauge support for reunification with Guam

8:00 am on 8 June 2011

A survey will take place soon in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas to give legislators an indication of how the population feels about reunification with neighbours Guam.

Legislation is being proposed in both Guam and the CNMI to seek public opinion about reunification via ballot in the general elections.

But first a survey is being conducted by a student group from the Northern Marianas College to ask people if they are interested in reunification.

Instructor Sam McPhetres says the previous survey was conducted more than 40 years ago when the majority of the population was in favour of re-unifying - but Guam rejected it.

"The last one was in 1969 basically we want to get people thinking about it and hopefully there'll be some more discussion going on and they'll have something to base their discussions on."

Sam McPhetres says the results should be ready by the end of the month.