7 Jun 2011

Deposed Fiji minister urges for people outside Fiji to stand up

7:00 pm on 7 June 2011

A minister in Fiji's deposed government says people outside Fiji need to start standing up to the interim regime.

Rajesh Singh, who is in New Zealand, was the minster of youth and sports in the government ousted in the 2006 coup.

He says the people in Fiji cannot speak up, because of the threat of being taken in by the military - which has happened to him three times.

"It's us, the people outside of Fiji that can speak their mind. And we have to speak, and we have to as for help. Under the Biketawa Declaration it's very clear that Australia and New Zealand and the Forum can take, even if worst comes to worst, foreign intervention. These guys won't step down like that. It's going to be hard."

Rajesh Singh says he has written to the New Zealand and Australian Prime Minister, and the US Secretary of State and the United Nations.