7 Jun 2011

Fiji sugar farmers decry price secrecy as crushing looms

12:57 pm on 7 June 2011

Sugar cane growers in Fiji are urging the interim government to reveal new fixed sugar prices for the crushing season due to start this week.

Fiji Live reported that the British Company Tate and Lyle has agreed to lift the cap on sugar prices for this season, and signed an amendment to the old agreement for a new fixed price for 2011-2012.

The president of the National Farmers Union, Surendra Lal, says questions are being asked as to why the Fiji Sugar Corporation's chief executive, Abdul Khan, hasn't publicly announced it.

"He is trying to avoid giving information as to what the actual price of sugar being sold is to Tate and Lyle. The growers are really serious about the issue. We have met with some growers, who are confused as to what FBC is trying to hide."

Fiji's National Farmers Union president, Surendra Lal.