2 Jun 2011

Fiji Rugby Union annoyed at suggestion of World Cup boycott

10:39 am on 2 June 2011

The Fiji Rugby Union says it's annoyed the Fiji National Olympic Committee publicly suggested it should boycott the Rugby World Cup over New Zealand's potential ban of some of Fiji's best players.

New Zealand has a travel ban on all military personnel and their family members in response to the 2006 military coup.

The Fiji Olympic Committee president Vidhya Lakhan, said if the IRB does not act on the issue, Fiji should consider a boycott.

But the Fiji Rugby Union CEO, Keni Dakuidreketi, says that comment was out of line.

"They have never really consulted us. They have never really had anything to do with the preparation for the World Cup and I'm not quite sure what angle they are coming from. We were annoyed with that sort of unsolicited statement coming from an organisation that has nothing to do with our World Cup preparation."

Keni Dakuidreketi says on the issue of the travel ban, the FRU has written to the IRB expressing its concerns and is still awaiting an official response.