31 May 2011

Fiji Olympic Committee suggests Rugby World Cup boycott over visa row

2:07 pm on 31 May 2011

The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee says Fiji should consider boycotting the Rugby World Cup over New Zealand's possible ban on some of Fiji's best players.

New Zealand has a travel ban on all military personnel and their family members in response to the 2006 military coup.

The Association's president Vidhya Lakhan has told FBC News that the International Rugby Board should in a first instance shift Fiji's games from New Zealand if the Flying Fijians cannot field their best team.

Mr Lakhan says if the IRB does not act on the issue, Fiji should consider a boycott.

He says the IRB should take cue from FIFA, which moved Fiji's 2007 soccer World Cup qualifier from New Zealand to Fiji after a player was not granted a visa.