25 May 2011

Samoa company rolls out free wireless for primary schools

7:41 pm on 25 May 2011

A company in Samoa is rolling out free fast wireless internet for primary schools.

Computer Service Limited, or CSL, is providing secure and safe internet access to schools across the country using money from its technology fund, a trust fund governed by the company's Board of Directors.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, CSL chief executive, Laeimau Oketevi Tanuvasa, says 41 government and private primary schools are being connected in a first phase, with other schools waiting for computers first.

"The idea is really for the kids to understand the internet, they are very quick to pick up and its just been amazing what they are doing already. They are using it for projects. It's got a lot of potential, but its a start. And think that what they are very happy with, is that they dont have to worry about the cost of the internet."

Laeimau Oketevi Tanuvasa says they have adapted a similar IT system to schools in Australia and New Zealand.