25 May 2011

American Samoa's Manu'a senator says islands missing out on funding

4:58 pm on 25 May 2011

The senator for American Samoa's District Number Two says the Manu'a islands are missing out on funding.

The comment comes after weeks of no transport between the Manu'as and the territory's main island of Tutuila, following the docking of the government vessel MV Sili for engine repairs.

Supplies of petrol, frozen food and bottled water in the Manu'as have run out and the high school is borrowing diesel from a power plant to keep the school bus running.

Senator Velega Savali says the islands are a case "out of sight out of mind" and need their own separate budget.

"Because after all it's just one government. And it's so unfair for us to suffer while all the money that we get from the federal government and even locally are for the territory of American Samoa which includes the Manu'a islands."

Senator Velega Savali says it's also unfair that the cost of living in the Manu'as is so much higher than on Tutuila.