25 May 2011

Shipping to supply-starved Manu'as in American Samoa expected within next two days

3:36 pm on 25 May 2011

The boat that takes supplies and fuel to American Samoa's Manu'a islands is expected to make its first trip in weeks within the next couple of days.

The government vessel MV Sili offers the only transport between the Manu'as and the territory's main island, Tutuila, and while it's been undergoing engine repairs supplies of petrol, frozen food and bottled water have run out in the Manu'as.

The director of the Port Administration, Matagi McMoore, says although the MV Sili's had other problems since it was purchased in 2001 this is the first time for engine trouble.

"It's an old boat and it went through the Coastguard inspections and it needed a lot of bodywork but that's all been taken care of and if the Coastguard passes trial run then we're ready for a trip probably tomorrow or the next day."

Matagi McMoore says MV Sili's other engine is due for an overhaul so after a couple of trips to Manu'a it'll be out of action again for about a week.